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Sava Infond, Investment Fund Management Company Ltd.

Sava Infond, Management Company Ltd. is a Slovenian investment fund management company. It was incorporated on 16th December 1993 and is registered with the Basic Court in Maribor under the reg. no. 1/90041/00.

Currently Sava Infond Ltd. manages Infond Umbrella Fund with 22 subfunds with assets in excess of 380+ million Euros. This level of assets gives Sava Infond Ltd. the distinction of being one of the largest fund managers in Slovenia with more than 12% market share.

As one of the main fund managers in Slovenia, Sava Infond, Ltd. is managing profitably a wide range of funds for twenty five years. Today, Sava Infond Ltd. is a stable fund management company in the Slovenian market and possesses all the professional standards of practice, conditions, infrastructure and managerial skills necessary for a successful asset management.

The funds managed by our company are currently offered and distributed within Slovenia and Slovakia.


Sava Infond, družba za upravljanje, d.o.o.
Address: Ulica Vita Kraigherja 5, p.p.1552, SI-2113 Maribor, Slovenia

Telephone: +386 2 229 7440
E-mail: info(at)infond.si

If you want to invest in subfunds of Infond Umbrella Fund you can get all information at registered office of the management company or with distribution partners.


Sava Infond provides its investors with a good return on their money by means of its top-quality fund management, its openness to changes, its willingness to communicate and its attempts to create a proper environment for its staff in which they can develop and demonstrate all their skills. All this gives investors the assurance of a stable and long-term remunerative investment.


Our business excellence will help us remain one of the leading funds-management companies in Slovenia.

Basic principles:

  1. Investor satisfaction
The satisfaction of the investors in funds managed by Sava Infond is the key area of the company’s operations. Our goal is to meet the needs of our investors by offering them a wide range of investment opportunities that are beyond their expectations.
  1. Overall approach
The company carries out its activities in accordance with the highest professional standards, openness to innovation and prudence in selecting the most appropriate solution.
  1. Prudential investment
Investment decisions will be based on the following principles:
  • investor benefits,
  • active management and prudential ownership,
  • decisions based on expert appraisals and surveys,
  • optimum risk management.
  1. Understanding the importance of individuals
The characteristics of each individual contribute to the shaping of our living and working environment. We support business decisions that will help to improve the quality of living in this environment and to create stimulating conditions that will promote creativeness and openness to innovation and diversity. 
Sava Infond, družba za upravljanje, d.o.o.
Vita Kraigherja 5, 2000 Maribor, phone +386 2 229 74 40, fax. +386 2 229 74 89
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